Promoting peaceful, cooperative and creative decision-making for a world that is diverse, interdependent and hopeful.

Economic crises, cultural differences, fresh water shortages and resource depletion, climate change, ethnic strife, and the often unhealthy forms of conflict that come with these realities demand more peaceful, cooperative, and creative decision making.  These require new forms and practices of governance.

The Center for the Study of Conflict, Collaboration and Creative Governance (3CG) was formed in response to this need. 3CG strives to bring to light, engage with, and promote dialogue and exchange around new governance structures, collaborative and effective decision making processes, and advanced communication concepts and practices that help people develop creative, just, and mutually beneficial choices.

3cg supports research and teaching that directly addresses issues of peace and conflict at personal, local, regional and international levels, exploring alternative, more creative forms of dispute resolution, decision making and governance.